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kaddie is a freelance creative directress,
writer and brand

she taps into social currents to create campaigns like movements.
hi, i'm  kaddie - and i'm a cross-creative living a life of perpetual plot twists. i'm your textbook generalist: an expert in everything and nothing in particular. if you ask me to embroider a pillow, i'll make it fly through the room and shoot lazers too. i make sure i always love what i do, let the idea guide the process, shine my light and light other people's fire with it. always making a little trouble on behalf of women. so here's a bit about my journey:
i'm a creative directress:
i focus on progressive campaign concepts (online and offline), visual storytelling and brand building. i direct projects from ideation to release. i'm the extension to a company's in-house marketing team. i'm the one with the best bad ideas who tries to break through open doors. i'll make sure to activate my network of thought leaders and influencers to hype it all up. my process is co-creative: i'm here to amplify relevant voices and ideas, in bold and imperfect steps towards a more equal world.

i'm a purpose-driven creative with a strong focus on: gender equality, mental health, radical vulnerability and the female perspective - i consult with brands to find the things they can move - besides their product. if you're looking to launch a campaign with impact: 
read more here
i'm a founder:
in 2016 i founded Berlin's most rebellious creative collective goalgirls. read all about our disruptive approach to the industry here. you can work with me as the lead of a goalgirls team or solo.

i'm a writer:
i live 13 1/2 lives like captain bluebear. and i write in magic realism about antifragility, unlearning and my unsettled life in my here  i'm currently writing my first novel about Hedi, who is reverse-mary kondoing chaos into her life read more here

i'm an unsettled girl:

when the pandemic hit i decided to go on a journey i titled: The Unsettling Project. i am perpetually travelling. i currently work, write, create and collaborate with brands from all around the world.

the journey


freelance creative


founded goalgirls


captain bluebear

i'm currently working solo or as part of the goalgirls collective on brand stories, marketing concepts,  social media campaigns, copywriting and all kinds of cool things with progressive brands like bumble, squarespace, highsnobietysoundboks, tom tailor and more -

goalgirls is a female-driven, rebellious creative agency based in berlin. with a collective of over 200 female creatives who are out to disrupt the archaic structures of the industry and create purpose driven brand communication.

at 15 i left the village i grew up in to live at least 13 1/2 lives like captain bluebear. i've lived in the UK and studied interdisciplinary design at the renowned university goldsmiths in london. then i worked in an advertising agency (and hated it), so i founded a fashion label (meh) and then moved on to spend 4 years in hospitality (loved it). i peaked my career as an events manager at soho house berlin before deciding it was time to found my own company - goalgirls.

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