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Hi, I am Kaddie,
a freelance
creative directress,
writer and brand

I tap into social
currents to inspire
stories with impact.
I'm your fellow fool made from dinosaur dust and fallen shooting stars. My girlpower is my girlsoftness
I’m a smart creative - an expert in everything and nothing in particular. I tap into today's currents to build brands with impact - socially and commercially. I’m a writer. I'm a raconteuse of feelings. I share stories that make people feel things. I’m a directress. I turn these stories into campaigns that move products with purpose. I’m a founder. I create digital communities to fight the patriarchy. In the softest way.
I collaborate, create and curate. I embrace the chaos of the creative process and live my life in perpetual plot twists. Two years ago I started The Unsettling Project and have been on a journey ever since.
I make a living with something I can’t live without. I believe marketing can unlock new economic powers when it is relevant to every. body. I’m a lot.

the journey


freelance creative


founded goalgirls*


captain bluebear

i'm currently working solo or as part of the goalgirls* collective on brand stories, marketing concepts,  social media campaigns, copywriting and all kinds of cool things with progressive brands like bumble, squarespace, highsnobietysoundboks, tom tailor and more -

goalgirls* is a female-driven, rebellious creative agency based in berlin. with a collective of over 200 female creatives who are out to disrupt the archaic structures of the industry and create purpose driven brand communication.

at 15 i left the village i grew up in to live at least 13 1/2 lives like captain bluebear. i've lived in the UK and studied interdisciplinary design at the renowned university goldsmiths in london. then i worked in an advertising agency (and hated it), so i founded a fashion label (meh) and then moved on to spend 4 years in hospitality (loved it). i peaked my career as an events manager at soho house berlin before deciding it was time to found my own company - goalgirls.

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+49 171 - 5284930

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