the 5 things kaddie does

some people say she's 'a lot' - and that's cool

she's writing a novel

kaddie is currently writing her first novel. she has started a website to publish her essays and formless writing in a new genre she calls magic minimalism - read her work

she's living an
unsettled life

since 2021 kaddie has decided to unsettle and live a nomad life. 'the unsettling project' is about living in as many places as possible - least once - and eventually find the one she'd call home. she has sold all her belongings and travels with hand luggage. because it's like hope. you don't have to drop it - follow her journey

she's a keynote speaker

kaddie has become a voice for female leadership and the female perspective in business - giving keynote speaches on new company cultures. She's been featured in various documentaries and took over stages on conferences all over Germany - listen to her business punk pocast here

she's directing campaigns like movements

kaddie is an interdisciplinary creative. she's also in the business of system change. she collaborates with the world's most progressive brands to build campaigns like movements, in bold stories and pictures. she's a natural born storyteller and helps brands find the things they move - beyond their product - view her portfolio here

she's a purpose-driven entrepreneur

kaddie is the co-founder and CEO of the rebellious creative agency goalgirls - with a community of over 200 female freelance creatives they have not only disrupted Berlin's agency landscape but also kicked off movements for female empowered projects all over Germany and big European cities - find out all about it